Croft Parish Council

Serving the people of Croft

Clerk: Samantha Walsh
PO Box 10917, Leicester


Blaby District Council is the local Planning Authority and they have full powers when considering planning applications.

Croft Parish Council is consulted on all applications falling within the parish boundary. Planning applications are considered as part of the normal parish council meetings which are usually held once a month. The council reviews all sites and scrutinises the plans for every application. Its comments are then passed to Blaby DC for their deliberations. They may take them on board or disregard as they see fit. Members of the public are entitled to attend parish council meetings to discuss planning applications and the Chairman will normally allow them to speak.

For residents, you must be aware of there are a number of trees with TPOs (Tree Preservation Orders) and you should check with Blaby DC before you carry out any work on a tree within the parish.