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Croft Parish Council

Serving the people of Croft

Clerk: Steve Blackburn
11 Wakes Close, Dunton
Bassett, Lutterworth, Leics
LE17 5LL

Tel: 01455 209398

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Welcome to the Croft Parish Council Website

Croft Parish Council provides YOUR local services. We endeavour to make Croft a better place to live, work and visit. Our website includes a wealth of information about how we conduct business and what we do. Find local groups and businesses in our directory. Use the search or browse the site to find whatever you are looking for. If you can't find what you want or would like to recommend any improvements to our website then please contact us.

Wheels Mobile Skate Park Comes to Croft

The Mobile Skate Park will be at the Winston Avenue Car Park on


from 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm

This is operated by Blaby District Council but brought to you by Croft Parish Council.

Under 8's to be accompanied by an adult. Under 16's require consent from someone over 18. Download the form below to save time.

Local woman fined for not clearing up after her dog

A £60 Fixed Penalty Notice was awarded recently when the District Council's Dog Warden witnessed a resident failing to clean up excrement left by her dog at the Winston Avenue Sports Ground.

Even if the mess is removed, there may be traces which could later be picked up by a young footballer and cause infection so train your dog to 'go' at home.

Make sure you're not the next to be caught. Remember that dog owners can be required to prove that they have the means to clear up after their pet.

Croft needs the Winston Avenue Car Park !

Below is the text of our response to Blaby District Council's consultation on the future of car parks. All car parks are being discussed, only Winston Avenue is proposed to tbe split in half, with one half being used for development.

We believe that the car park is vital to the continuing successful use of the sports ground, to the future site of a new pavilion and village hall and for access to public footpaths in the countryside, including Croft Hill.

Its loss will put unbearable pressure on parking in Winston Avenue, as well as nearby roads such as Windermere Drive, Bala Road and Coniston Way, and increase the risk of road accidents.

Croft Parish Council is willing to take on the entire car park for the benefit of users and local businesses and to keep local roads free of unnecessary traffic. Please support our bid by visiting http://www.blaby.gov.uk/news-events/consultations-and-public-notices/ and adding your comments and support.

The Council considered this matter at its meeting on 9 March. It is dismayed that the location of the Winston Avenue Car Park does not qualify it as an access point to the countryside but nevertheless acknowledges the wide range of users including residents, businesses and their visitors and, most notably, the high number of users who support the flourishing football teams which play on our sports ground.

The Parish Council also wishes to remind you of our plans for a new pavilion and village hall which are now well advanced and for which a planning application is imminent.

At the same meeting, the Parish Council raised no objection to a plan by EMH to build a bungalow on their 'waste' land adjacent to the car park. I visited the area on the morning of 13 March and saw eight cars parked on this area and its loss will put further pressure on space in Winston Avenue where more cars than seem reasonable are parked in the access road to the elderly persons' bungalows.

The suggested use of half of the site would result in a very narrow and not particularly long site and would almost certainly incur costs in re-aligning the entrance gate and making changes to the professionally-constructed dry stone wall. Alternatively, we believe that the use of the entire site for industrial units would be frustrated by the need to retain access to the field for emergency vehicles. The space needed for this, together with the need to preserve access to two rights of way would render this use unrealistic.

It would be helpful to know how an alleged shortage of industrial units has been calculated; we believe that there are spare units nearby. Is this issue specific to Croft or just a district-wide problem?

The Parish Council has therefore asked me to reiterate that there is a local need for car parking to the extent currently provided and to propose that the entire car park is gifted to Parish Council control.

Revisions to bus services from 22 April

With effect from 22 April Arriva service 50a will be replaced by a new service X84 provided by Hinckleybus which is a subsidiary of Arriva. Buses will be red in colour but all existing tickets will be honoured and prices are unchanged. The hourly frequency continues.

The service runs from Leicester St Margaret's Bus Station via the Royal Infirmary to Narborough and Huncote. Its route through Croft will be the existing stops in Station Road, Arbor Road, Kendalls Avenue, Pochin Street then back via Arbor Road and along a new route - Broughton Road - towards Broughton Astley. New stops will be located at the junction of Broughton Road and The Bridle. After Broughton Astley (Co-operative, Doctors Surgery, Butchers etc) , the route will serve Frolesworth, Leire, Ashby Parva and Lutterworth (Morrisons, Waitrose and many other shops) before proceeding to Magna Park and then Rugby, serving both Elliott's Field and the town centre.

Timetables will be posted at the bus stops and can be picked up at the Post Office or downloaded from hinckleybus.co.uk

We are pleased to welcome Sharon Amey to the Council and hope she will have an enjoyable and rewarding time working with the Council for the benefit of the community in Croft.

The Council's budget for 2017/18

The Council met on 12 January and set a budget for the financial year starting on 1 April. The Council looks after many properties on behalf of the community including the Cemetery on Huncote Road, the Allotments in Arbor Road, Winston Avenue Sports Ground, the Sheepdip and the Fun Park in The Bridle. To ensure that these facilities continue to be attractive and welcoming, the Council has begun to put aside funds for improvements to the paths at the cemetery and to provide a sinking fund for the eventual replacement of play equipment.

In addition, the planned village hall and replacement sports pavilion is now reaching the point where planning permission will be applied for. We are fortunate to to have the services of an architect on a pro bono basis but outgoings such as flooding surveys and the planning permission fee itself are now on the horizon.

Combined with the normal running and maintenance cost, this results in a budget for the year of £52,700 of which £43,456 will come from the precept, our share of Council Tax. This equates to an increase in cost of less than £2.50 per adult in Croft. It should be remembered that the precept is for the council to spend specifically on Croft related matters with decisions made by people who are Croft based. We hope you consider that you get good value for money from your Parish Council precept.

For further details, please contact the Clerk to the Council.

Will your dog cost you a large fine?

Fouling of paths and parks by dogs is a perennial problem and has always been an offence punishable with a fine. The problem, of course, is getting a witness willing to step forward and make a formal complaint. If you have witnessed an incident of fouling and know the offending dog owner - where they live - the information can be passed on anonymously and the District Council's dog warden will pay them a visit which may lead to improved behaviour. Better information will lead to a fine or an appearance in court. If you are out with a dog you must have the means to pick up its mess. It is no defence if you are challenged to say that your one and only bag has been used!

Prosecutions have taken place recently in Blaby District and their dog warden is keen to hear from you!

Attacks on other dogs are rare and can be very distressing for both owner pet. There have been recent incidents of attacks by aggressive dogs and this can result in heavy fines. If you can't trust your dog around other dogs, it must be on a lead and capable of being restrained.

Local Man Ken Grain receives France's highest military honour

A Conservation Area for Croft !!

The Parish Council is pleased to announce that its proposal for a Conservation Area in the old part of the village, broadly speaking on the Church side of the railway line, has been accepted and the designation has been made by Blaby District Council.

Further details will be published as they become available.

Latest News

Suspicious Callers - Council Tax

Suspicious Caller Alert

Issued on 23/8/16 at 10:43 a.m.

We have recently received a report of a suspicious caller posing as being from both Leicestershire County Council and Leicester City Council, advising people that they are required to make an additional payment to their council tax.

The caller then went on to try to take the payment over the telephone.

Neither Leicester City Council or any of the district councils who collect Council Tax would ring you to try to take a payment over the telephone. More »

If you do receive a call from someone in relation to Council Tax, ask them to give you the Council Tax reference number and the balance outstanding, and check this against your bill.

Never give bank details or personal information to anyone that you don't feel is 100% genuine. Any reputable company will be happy for you to check they are who they say they are before you give out personal information.

If you receive a call of this nature please be cautious and double check that the person calling is who they say they are.

If you live in the county your council tax is dealt with by the relevant District or Borough Council, not Leicestershire County Council.

We recommend asking the caller for their name and contact details so that you can call them back in order to check that they are legitimate. Official callers should have no problem providing you with this information as they will understand that you are cautious about giving out personal information over the phone. If the caller is not genuine they are likely to become defensive or flustered when questioned for this information.

If the caller provides you with their contact details, please check the number against the number of the relevant council tax department for your area. If the numbers do not match we recommend calling the number on the council's website and asking to speak to the person who has called you.

Details of the numbers for the Borough/District councils can be found in the link below.


If you have a Council Tax query for the city council, call 0116 454 100.

If you believe you have been a victim of this type of call please report it to us by calling 101. » Less

Tue, 30 Aug 2016 11:10 by Steve Blackburn

Community Transport - Commbus

COMMBUS serves Croft and other villages in the Blaby District with a door to door dial a ride service service, five days a week for the elderly and disabled.The website has been upgraged and is now comprehensive and can be reached via the link below.


Thu, 30 Jun 2016 08:56 by Steve Blackburn


The 3 latest news items will appear on the Home Page.

Fri, 27 May 2016 14:53 by Tina Britt

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